Field Report: LPI in Afghanistan in 2011

This last fall, LPI-Pakistan undertook an innovative training program to promote LPI certification in Afghanistan with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) at that organization's Information and Communication Technology Institute (ICTI) ITU Internet Training Centre in Kabul, Afghanistan. The ITU Academy Internet Training Centre (ITC) initiative is a global network of approximately 80 institutions supported through partnerships with leading IT corporations and the European Commission.
LPI in Afghanistan

Fouad Bajwa, LPI-Pakistan, outside of the ITU-ITC and ICTI training centre in Kabul, Afghanistan

In early November 2011, Fouad Bajwa of LPI-Pakistan offered a week long program to 22 participants to assist them in preparing for their LPIC-1 certification as part of a larger "train-the-trainer" initiative for the region. Participants in this training program were affiliated with the Information and Communication Technology Institute (ICTI) of Afghanistan's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). As many of the participants were new to Linux the initial week long training program was introductory in nature. However, a series of three month training programs in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Linux are under discussion and development in order to provide potential employment opportunities for those involved in the program. Senior government officials of Afghanistan's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the ITU attended workshop sessions to discuss with participants the potential of Linux and Open Source Software in Afghanistan--particularly within government departments and the country's education system.
LPI in Afghanistan (ITU)

Participants in the LPI training workshops in Kabul, Afghanistan

Following the successful program in Kabul there was a subsequent and similar ITU ITC training workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan with 10 participants from around that country associated with the Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited Academy. LPI congratulates Fouad Bajwa of LPI-Pakistan and LPI-Asia Pacific for undertaking this initiative with the ITU in Afghanistan and Pakistan and their ongoing efforts to promote workforce development of IT professionals in Linux and Open Source Software within that region. (NOTE: additional photos of the sessions in Kabul, Afghanistan can be found at this facebook page of "Open Source Afghanistan".) (Report by LPI Staff)