SCALE 10X: A successful event

The emails and calls started coming in this past Monday afternoon: follow up inquiries from our booth team, gracious comments on the LPI exam prep sessions, and most importantly LPI members who had all kinds of good things to say about SCALE 10X. Event attendees were particularly pleased with the highly successful LPIC-1 exam prep sessions.  These two half day sessions (one for LPI-101 and the other for LPI-102) were noted for being immensely helpful in preparing people for their LPI exams on the following day.   Event organizers also noted that these "prep" sessions led to greater participation overall in the LPI exam labs at this year's conference. LPI had an enhanced profile at this year's SCALE event--we sent a team for the booth, hosted our traditional exam labs, and offered courses for SCALE U. Participation was high, friends were enthusiastic, and invites for future events were many! Congratulations to the whole team at SCALE 10X for organizing a great event. We will be happy to attend next year and participate even more. Keep up the great work!  (Report by LPI Staff)

The ever-charming Brooke Gresham, LPI's Operational Support Manager and the equally-effusive Ross Brunson, Director of LPI Member Services, pose in front of LPI's booth at SCALE 10x