CompTIA Partnership

In April 2010, CompTIA and LPI announced that CompTIA would phase out its Linux+ exam and instead adopt LPIC-1 exams as its entry-level certification program. This new CompTIA certification is called "CompTIA Linux+ powered by LPI" and uses the same two exams as LPIC-1 — and at the same price.

Get the 3-in-1 Advantage:

Curious to know how you can get three professional Linux certifications for the cost and effort of one?

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To obtain your "3-in-1 Linux certification" simply:

  1. Obtain a LPI ID: (for the future also consider TCR registration and listing your other IT credentials with LPI)
  2. When taking your "CompTIA Linux+ powered by LPI" exams indicate that your exam scores may be forwarded to LPI
  3. Upon receipt of your LPIC-1 apply online for your SUSE CLA.

Please note that the "3-in-1" process is not reciprocal (i.e. you can't do it the other way round) and is not available in Japan.

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