Courseware and Lab Recommendations

Recommended Course Materials

LPI Academies can develop courseware that aligns to the LPI course objectives or utilize pre-built content available on the LPI Marketplace. Examples of course content that is in use currently include:

LPI Linux Essentials

Linux+ powered by LPI/LPIC1

Note: The above titles are examples of the content available for LPI Academy courses, more courseware, test prep and book options can be found at the LPI Marketplace.

Lab Recommendations

Instructors/Teachers are highly encouraged to make use of any resources that make sense for their environment and individual application of the Academy curriculum, we include below recommendations for conducting successful Lab sessions for your students.

LPI Academy has partnered with NDG to provide an alternative lab environment ie: NETLAB+, more information can be found by visiting the product page.

LPI Linux Essentials Labs

At the LPI Linux Essentials level of instruction, it is possible to have the student use their classroom machine and a Live CD or Live DVD distribution to conduct all labs required for passing the LPI Linux Essentials Exam.

Note: A Live distribution is a bootable CD/DVD/USB Drive that you can use to boot your machine and have a live and interactive Linux Desktop running, which makes absolutely no changes to the machine, existing only in memory.

Linux+ powered by LPI/LPIC-1 Labs

The Linux+ powered by LPI/LPIC1 topics, recommended labs and general level of complexity make mandatory the use of an actual or virtual machine with persistent state.

For example, you can load a Linux distribution of your choice on an actual lab machine as the sole operating system, as part of a managed solution of multiple operating systems or you can use a virtual machine package such as VMWare Player, VMWare Workstation, VirtualBox, VMWare Fusion, Parallels Desktop, or any other software package that will allow you to provide a virtual machine that a student can access on demand.

Linux+ powered by LPI/LPIC1 students will need a machine/virtual machine that keeps it’s state from session to session, as many of the Linux+ powered by LPI/LPIC1 labs will build upon each other as the student progresses through the course curriculum.

Alternatively, those who have access to a managed lab environment such as NETLAB+, there are lab libraries that are already available for use.

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