Why Linux and LPI Matters Video Contest

What We're Trying to Do

We at LPI would like to ask if you or a representative of your organization can provide a cool quote that speaks to the following points:

  • Encouraging high school and college students to pursue careers in Linux and Open Source

  • Highlights how Linux is important to your company/organization

  • Describes the opportunities that are available in your company/organization and market

  • Speaks to the value you have received from being a part of the LPI Community

We will be embedding these quotes into our marketing and promotional messages for 2014.

Our usage of your contributions will begin by the end of January.  I would be most grateful if you could provide a quote by 1/17/14 for inclusion.*

What You Need to Participate:

  1. A great quote
  2. a webcam
  3. a microphone
  4. a background/backdrop (where you work, scenery etc)
  5. a light source, (try to face the light so we can see you clearly)

Note: by submitting a video, you are agreeing that LPI has the right to use your submitted video in promotional campaigns and other marketing or promotional activities.

Get Started

To use the app below, you must have the ability to run Flash (yes we know, but it's the best tool we can find) and have a working webcam and microphone.

Here's How it Works:

  1. Find a quiet spot with good lighting
  2. Run the setup wizard for the video recorder
  3. Meditate on how great this will be for a second
  4. Click "Record" and say "My name is _Your_Name_, I'm from My Country/Region...." leave the rest of your quote, Then click "Stop."
  5. Click "Play" to review your video. If you need to, click "Record" to do it again and then when you're happy with it, click "Save" and we'll get notified!

Thank You!

Thanks for taking part in this fun campaign! 

Ross Brunson

Director of Member Services