A Sysadmin Takes the LPI Security Essentials Exam

27 February, 2023 - by Ricardo Prudenciato

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) officially launched its newest certificate, Security Essentials. As an official training partner, I had the opportunity to participate in the beta phase of the exam, and thus get to know it better and contribute my impressions.... Read more

Why Everyone Should Know Security Essentials

20 February, 2023 - by Fabian Thorns

LPI has just released the Security Essentials certificate. Our interest in this topic is not arbitrary: These days, IT security news is ubiquitous. Every day, someone’s data is encrypted for ransom, personal information is copied, and new security vulnerabilities are discovered.  Even though this all sounds technical, cryptic, and somehow far away, many of these attacks may personally affect you and me.... Read more

Open source myth: That open source has poor quality

10 February, 2023 - by Andrew Oram

This myth assumes that proprietary companies invest a lot of effort in ensuring that their code is correct and secure, whereas open source projects don't. But bugs and security flaws turn up in both proprietary and open source code.... Read more

A Linux Learner and Teacher: Hamdy Abou El Anein

10 January, 2023 - by Max Roveri

In Linux Professional Institute’s Share Your Voice series, individuals discuss how Linux and open source contribute to their personal and professional growth. Today we interview Hamdy Abou El Anein from Switzerland: Senior Linux System Engineer, writer, and fan and advocate for Linux and open source.... Read more