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Revised Pricing for LPIC-3 Exams in Japan

The Linux Professional Institute, the world's largest vendor-neutral open source certification body, will revise the exam prices for LPIC-3 in Japan from May 1, 2019. LPIC-1, LPIC-2, LPIC-3 and DevOps can be taken at the same price and voucher.  The old price was 30000 JPY but will now be 15000 JPY.  ... Read more

New Japanese language exam guides compatible with LPIC-1 Ver 5.0

On April 8, 2019, Shoeisha Co., Ltd. released a Japanese text version of the "Linux Textbook LPIC Level 1 Version 5.0 Supported" training guide.  Currently, LPIC-1 candidates can take both Ver 4.0 and Ver 5.0, but the exam will soon completely migrate to Ver 5.0 on July 1, 2019. Be prepared! ... Read more