New Social Sharing Postcard

How to Get One

If we see you at one of the shows, you're very likely to have been handed one of these cool little cards, or maybe we gave you a stack to hand out at your local LUG or training center.

Help Spread the News

Like it?  Want to share it with others? If you click on this link, or the card to the right, you can download a PDF of the card that you can freely get printed front and back and hand out to anyone who you think should get connected with LPI!

Now Shipping in Certificates

In addition, a color printed 8.5"x11" copy of the front of the card is being shipped out with ALL new physical certificates, that's 100's of people every month who are joining our new online Communities!

Of course, you can ALWAYS go to the Social page on, and see all of our social media accounts, including Youtube, LinkedIn and now Pinterest.

Get Connected, Get Your Certification, Get Ahead.